What’s new with Student Senate

Sam Nicodemo

Staff Writer

The Student Senate is one of the backbones of our school, supporting the student body by providing events for us and looking after all the clubs and organizations that go on here. Recently, I sat down with Elizabeth Evans, the Vice President of Organizational Development, and I found out about all the upcoming Senate events and the new changes to clubs and organizations guidelines.

The Senate has implemented new requirements of clubs this semester. Club and organization leaders must attend at least two Student Senate meetings as well as do five ExCEL hours and they have to hand in a roster of their members. If the requirements are not met, budgets can be temporarily put on hold or rooms will not be able to be reserved.

The ExCEL programs are leadership programs that teach us how to become more dedicated students by providing workshops and presentations. Some presentations coming up are “Get on Board the Stewardship” which is March 7 at 6 p.m. The presentation will focus on fiscal responsibility and how to spend your organization budgets wisely. March 15 there will be another workshop called “Conflict Resolution According to Captain Planet.” It will be a workshop that focuses on conflict in clubs using the style of the classic children’s show Captain Planet.

Other than that, there are two other events for the Spring. March 21 there will be a presentation on communication and how to communicate effectively and March 28 there will be a workshop on transitioning from friend to a leader.

The Student Senate is also holding elections at the moment for the members for the Senate for next year. E-Board applications are due February 24, and after the debate and voting, swear in will be March 20. General Senator and Senior Class applications are due March 27 and after campaigning and voting, swear in will be April 10. Applications for Senior class are available in the Senate office.


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